I have awakened. What does this really mean?

New energy on 5D Earth

Our world is coming to an end, in many ways.  But it’s not the end you think.

It’s the end of our separation from each other, from our souls, and from our Source.  Our world is awakening, one soul at a time.

And after 30 years of searching, praying, studying and skepticizing (yup I made that word up right there), I finally woke up.  It’s about time.

My plan for my life is to assist others who have finally realized that our world holds much more than waking up, going to work, coming home and plopping in front of the television.  My plan is to assist those who are searching for a life with more substance, to find one.  That comes from introspection; in a world where we have been taught to look outward for validation, love, acceptance and approval, I will be one of those who advises you to look within for all of those things.

And when you look within for your answers…

You will be released from fear, trepidation, guilt, and all of those self-deprecating thoughts that you’ve been thinking for all of these years.

I love all of life, and though I’ve experienced tragedy and suffering from experience just as others have, I react differently because there is something inside guiding me with a broader perspective.  I can see more of the big picture now, and I’m not afraid to experience contrast.

I created this site because I found many people asking me for answers about our changing world.  I was the odd one, the woman hanging on the fringe, living a different life than the norm. And the team is growing, with all sorts of fringe people– of all ages and from all over the US– providing their take on the changing energy on our planet as the veil lifts to reveal our higher consciousness.  We hope you share in our excitement, and we send our love to you.

Kimberly Darwin, Are You Awakening team


I am a certified Medical Reiki Master (that means I deliver energy to individuals wishing to heal themselves, even in the operating room) as well as a Graduate Gemologist, which justifies my obsession with crystals.  I also enjoy human activities such as target shooting, motorcycle and auto racing, stunt driving, creating galactic art, cooking, and, of course, yoga. I am currently creating my second book and an accompanying VR game, Evolution144, which is a thriller about expanding consciousness.

I am currently expanding my abilities as a deathwalker, or one who accompanies the dying soul to the other side to ensure that their journey of passing is as comfortable as possible. I’ve been doing this since Egyptian times.

The way to my heart is through authenticity and French Macarons.

I live in West Hollywood, California, with my motorcycle, my sports car, and an infinite number of friends existing in all dimensions. You can reach me here.

Irina, Are You Awakening team


Hi! My name is Irina and I am a freelance illustrator living in Portland, Oregon. My passion is drawing mountains, portraits, and science fiction.

You can reach me here.

Evan, Are You Awakening team


A complicated teenager that’s way over his head trying to figure out everything.

I live in Phoenix with Shiva the cat, who has been living in 5D her whole life.  You can sit there and watch her disappear.

Kelly, Are You Awakening team


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal and Sound Healer. I most recently received my Medical Reiki Master Certification which allows me to provide Reiki in all medical settings, including pre-op, post op as well as in the operating room and during chemo and radiation therapy. 
My human credentials include a Masters of Education in Counseling/Human Relations and several years working in higher education and non profit. 
I live in Phoenix. When I’m not giving Reiki sessions you can usually find me being silly, riding my bike, doing yoga and talking to myself and my “invisible friends.” You can visit my website here.
Desiree, Are You Awakening team


My name’s Desiree and I just turned 20 this year. I’ve been on a very odd journey since I was young. I would see, hear, and know things that most people couldn’t understand which made my life quite confusing and difficult.

Now I’m finding my understanding about what it means to be an indigo child. Everyday I’m learning to filter out the bad and how to welcome love into this reality.

Cinthia, Are You Awakening team


I’m a 34 year old Peruvian living a life on this Earth learning every single lesson I have in front of me, making the best of every moment and day, currently living in Los Angeles and touching people’s lives doing hair.

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