Are You Dredging up Ghosts From the Past in Your Dreams?

mandala for forgiveness

Oh the New Energy!  It’s like white water rafting and you’re headed downstream, even if you’d rather stay ashore. Now is a time of huge clearing, and if you don’t do it while you’re awake, you’ll do it in the dream state.

Old friends, lovers, the kid in second grade that used to kick you on the playground (her name was Lisa Mattyus for me.)  All of those people from your past that did you wrong, broke your heart or bruised your pride.

They’ll be coming back now for you to address. All I can say is: Thank God it’s now, after I’ve done much of my inner work, for they are easier to forgive.

Your conscious-self may have forgotten all about them; but energetically, there is obviously still some work for you to do to balance out that relationship.  And time has probably etched away at pain’s sting, so now you can observe those ghosts from the past without the fraught emotion, and send them on their way for good.

If you aren’t seeing your ghosts in your waking hours, they’ll be showing up in your dreams; it’s much easier to balance out that energy in your natural Delta/REM dream state.  This clearance is final, and you probably won’t have to deal with that annoyance again.

Shit is being BALANCED now, for sure.

So sleep up and release, my friends.  And to Lisa Mattyus, wherever you are, you were a mean person, and you are forgiven.  Thank you for making me stronger.


Earth Energy:





527 (Changes you’ve been making are beneficial to you)

1010 (Fine tune and remember you are creating your reality)



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