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So what is The Event and why is everyone freaking out about it?  Should I worry?

You can certainly worry if you want that experience, but for me, worry causes wrinkles.  And since I’m actively reversing my aging, that’s the last thing I want after backing off all those years.

As I’m sure you know by this point in your life, just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.  So much misinformation thrown around for you to sift through.

Let’s talk about The Event, and what is and isn’t “true” in this particular timeline that we are on together.

The Event is named for an occurrence when the frequency of the Collective on Earth raises so high that Light wins the battle against Darkness.


That’s just like Star Wars!

(Everyone says that.)


So here’s what this really means:

  • Those secret-keeping old dudes that have been pilfering food, money, children and access to your Higher Self are going to be arrested and put to fair trial for what they’ve done.
  • This will most likely be accompanied by a shutdown of the banking system for a short time while money will be redistributed to the population.
  • Plans will be laid out to make sweeping positive changes in government, to limit the power of corporations, and to redesign the education and healthcare systems.

Here’s what it DOESN’T mean:

  • That the people will be without guidance.  Instead of biased news accentuating violence and separation, your guidance will be from sources that encourage you to use your heart and intuition in making decisions on how you can serve your fellow man, who may be suffering or fearful of these sudden changes.
  • That you will lose your money, your job or your home and have to start all over.
  • That we are being saved by some outside source that knows better than us. No one is here to save you because there is nothing to be saved from.


Here’s what would be going on from a spiritual level when/if The Event occurs.

Our Earth was created with certain designed limitations, some of which you know as Space, Time and Distance.  As we all incarnated into this plane, we agreed to play by these rules.

We live in a Free-Will zone, which means that we can make any of an infinite number of possible choices about something; there were some people who decided to use that free-will to serve themselves instead of his fellow man.  Once that started, the polarity of good/bad, Light/Dark, Hero/Villain became outbalanced, with more Negative than Positive duality.

Think of positive and negative polarities, just like in High School Physics.  Magnets opposing one another, until they get close enough to each other that they attract. Dark bred more Dark, and Light bred Light. And Dark was really good at what it did, and then the Light became the Underdog.

At the time of The Event, the density of Light will have overcome the density of Darkness by reaching a critical mass.  Those who are still negatively-polarized at that time will have the chance to seek assistance for healing, or continue on their path of negativity.  Their choice.  It will be very difficult, if not nearly impossible, for those types of negative personalities to exist in our higher frequencies, so they’ll probably take themselves out in a number of ways that will look like disasters, accidents, sickness or suicide.  Or in the case of the REALLY old dudes, they’ll just die and no one will replace them.

So what do you do?

Since you’re awakening early, dear Lightworker, those around you that are still asleep will be coming to you for answers.  They’ll choose you because you have always been different from them; you’re calmer, you beat a different drum, as they say.  They won’t know why they choose you, because the connection is on a higher plane than our 3D Earth plane.  They will look to you for guidance, for direction and for comfort.  Expect this, and remember that now is your time to serve.

This is why you’ve felt like an outcast most of your life; because you were preparing yourself vibrationally to assist those in need when they need it most.

Remember this: each soul is a perfect aspect of Source.  Even the Secret-Keeping Old Dudes, so they should be treated with the same kindness, love and compassion with which you treat those in your family.  The path to an awakened world is making positive changes in acceptance of all paths, even if they don’t align with yours.

Me, I’m looking forward to The Event. The energy is speeding up immensely these past few weeks, with intense solar flares and other guides sending us positive vibes.  I think it’s a fantastic time to be alive on Earth.


Note: If you would like to read further on this, feel free to check out Prepare For Change.  This site does its best to distribute information for the peaceful reclaiming of our right to live on Earth without the shackles of greed and power that have been binding us.


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