How The Energy of Old Objects Can Hold You Back

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It’s not a long stretch of the imagination to understand that people share energy.  Yet all the stuff in your home shares your energy too.

Even though everything in our physical reality looks solid, it’s simply energy, focused very densely into something that appears solid to our eyes.  This includes you and me, and it also includes anything in your physical surroundings.

It’s easy to understand that energy transfers between people in the form of thoughts, body language, actions and intent.  This is why you feel great after spending time with some people, and feel shitty after being exposed to others.  Your energies are interacting; and a person will leave his energetic imprint on you, and you will impart yours onto him.

The same thing happens with the objects that surround you in your home.

Yesterday, I bought a bed.  Out of the blue.  I hadn’t been shopping for one, nor even researching what’s out there in preparation for shopping for one.  I already have a bed.

It started with a mundane business email sent by a party with a website in his signature.  Curious, I looked up the website to see what it was about.  It was a small, non-noteworthy site, with links to various categories of things to buy, sort of like a Canadian Wayfair.

An image of a bed appeared as one category, and I found my mouse clicking on it. It took me to a page with a bed frame that looked appealing in its simplicity and clean lines. The price: $800.

“Nice bed,” I thought, “but I have a bed.”

Here’s where the Higher Self, when it senses you are ready to progress, nudges you along by vetoing your logical mind’s process.

“Look up the bed in your area; you don’t live in Canada.”

So a one-second search brings me to the same bed, delivered and completely assembled for me—in my home in Los Angeles—available in 2 business days, for $333.

The logical mind retortss: “But I have already have a bed.”

The Higher Self will send indications about why something is being sent to us.  It’s just the listening part that many of us don’t allow to happen.  We are so set in our limitations (it costs money, my bed is fine, I have to put the damn thing together) that we block out the reasoning for a higher purpose for something.

“Buy the bed.”

So I sat back and I looked at the product online, and I noticed several things.  Here’s where the Higher Self sends you synchronicities that ask you to pay attention.

  • The listing doesn’t look like other listings on the same site.  Instead of “Hydraulic lift platform bed with massive storage” like other ads had, this one simply said “Queen Bed.” As if my Higher Self had made the ad with a second’s notice at the possibility that my human self might actually follow through this time.
  • The price was a repeating number.  This might send up the “I call bullshit” response in you, if you are not ready to dismiss your logical mind in the process of decision-making.  Repeating numbers are not only activation signals, but they are also placed there, by YOU, to get your attention by the fact that they are out of the ordinary.
  • The steps to acquire it were made ridiculously easy.  Cheap and fast delivery, and completely assembled for me.  Minimal effort on my part.

So I ordered the new bed.  And that’s when the reasoning made itself clear.

The bed that I currently sleep in has seen some very sad times.

  • A 6-year relationship that I thought was monogamous but definitely wasn’t. I am unsure of how many people shared that bed unbeknownst to me.
  • The bed that I withdrew from the world to, for a month, after I lost my daughter.
  • The bed that I shared with a husband that left in a very bad way.


Can you imagine the energy that has been imprinted into that simple structure of wood and metal?  It’s held there.

I could, of course, use sage, or even just intent, to clear the energy.  If I loved the bed that much, maybe I would have.  It’s no wonder I never really felt comfortable there. My unconscious self associated all of those sad times with this bed and I revisited that energy every time I lay down on it.

It took the Higher Self to put a seemingly random occurrence from an obscure website to bring this revelation to me in a gentle way.

So here comes the responsibility for all of the things that happened to that bed.  Acknowledgment that I am the complete creator of my life, and that each of those sad occurrences were there to foster my growth and understanding of the sheer power of my creation.  Appreciation for the person that I am now, with those sad times accepted and filed away for future reference when I choose to further recognize lessons learned from the experiencing of them.

Higher Self: 1.  Logical Thinking. 0.


Plus, it squeaked anyway.

New bed, new energy, new beginnings.


Earth Energy






555 (upcoming change)

688 (material needs met, sell something you’ve been intending to sell)



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