Shedding Old Reality by Pecking Through Your Eggshell

Pecking through your old reality of Earth life is like shattering an eggshell of false facts blocking your spiritual growth.

I hate to tell you this, but you’ve been fed a lot of bullshit about reality.

You’ve been told these things by people you trusted and thought they knew better than you.

“Facts” like:

  • Your body ages.
  • Your IQ is determined at birth.
  • Time is constant.
  • You need medicine to heal yourself.
  • You must accept what’s dealt to you.
  • You must sacrifice things to get what you want.
  • Success requires hard work.

These are just a few components of the reality we’d assigned to Earth life. We, meaning YOU. You did that so that you could learn to shatter that shell, much like a chick who pecks his way out of the egg–the only environment he’s ever known, until he starts pecking.

Once the chick pecks a large enough hole, there is light, and a different world, that was there all the time.  He just didn’t know it was available to him until he widened his perspective.  And once he’s out, he’s free to explore without the confining shell that held him in.

The new energy on Earth is waiting for you to accept it, once you peck out of your shell and drop the notion that there is only one reality.

Today, ask yourself what the world would be like if you let those false “facts” drop away. Open yourself up to new information about what you thought was reality, and consider that you didn’t have all the data available to you to live fully as a conscious creator.

Earth Energy:

  • Yellow
  • Brown
Stocks to Watch:
  • SCCO
  • GSVC