The Spiritual “Mop Up” — a Lightworker’s Duty

The spiritual duty of a lightworker is helping others to wake up

Lightworkers awakened early, to support the rest of the population as it questions the reality in which it’s been imprisoned.

And don’t expect thanks from the general populace, either, because most people have no idea that they are prisoners.  That’s about to change.

I’ll say it with love, but I’ll say it just the same:

Most people are asleep. They don’t understand the concept of oneness; they don’t grasp that they are creating their reality with their thoughts; and they don’t understand the transmission of energy beyond what powers a smartphone.

But you, Lightworker, you do. You have expanded your consciousness, you have done the inner work to question authority and its intentions, and you rule your existence based on inner guidance rather than social consensus.  You comprehend the nuances of energy, and you honor your gut feelings about the integrity of the people you meet.

You came here early to help the rest of the world wake up. It’s happening, but we haven’t reached critical mass just yet; and there will be times where you are “called” to a certain place in order to shine your Light on the people gathered there. These will often be places you’d had plans to visit months before, but by the time arrives, a catastrophe has occurred in the area you are scheduled to visit.

Just last year alone, I visited areas after a mass shooting; widespread flooding; a tornado; and two locations devastated by forest fires.

This is the modern version of a clean up crew, when a group of Lightworkers visits an area that’s suffering from a collective low-frequency.  Just by your being there, you are raising the frequency of the area. Nothing need to be done, but I like sending out love bombs to all who will accept them, even if the the recipients are unaware that they were showered with love.  There is a part of them that is soaking in that energy, and this benefits everyone, everywhere.

If you are called to perform a spiritual “mop up,” remember that all Beings are perfect aspects of source, and there is no hierarchy.  You have a special ability to channel positive energy to those around you, and it’s the duty—and the gift— of the Lightworker.

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