Let's look at the people who use their power to serve themselves and those who use their spiritual power to serve other people

Power contains polarity within it.


You could use your power to serve others.  Or you could use your power to serve yourself.

Let’s take a look at high-profile people who use their power to serve others:

  • Richard Branson
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Bill Gates

I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight, as just as valuable as anyone IN the spotlight.  Yet the spotlight magnifies influence in a short amount of time.

Now, look at some high-profile people who use their power to serve themselves:

  • Kim Jong-un
  • Donald Trump
  • Harvey Weinstein

And hey, I also recognize countless others, who aren’t in the spotlight.  Our pedophiles, abusive parents and some Catholic priests in whom thousands gave their trust.*

It’s been a common belief that those who champion for unity and a peaceful world should be doing it for no compensation;  after all, you act from the heart, right?


That notion was distributed to keep you terrified about your very survival, and to seek out the comfort of a job serving those who serve themselves.

Yet look at the choices someone in the spotlight has.  Those who focus on service to others are doing perfectly fine being prosperous, and are sharing their wealth in ways they could never do without the funds to do it.

This belief system, that if you are a good person you must be poor, infiltrates Western Culture and limits how people feel they can contribute. My depression-era mother viewed her existence very differently than I do, and as such, she grew up with a constant expectation of lack.

You can break that cycle any time you like, you know.  Remind yourself of those who are using their success and prosperity for the good of all, and allow your abundance in so that you can do the same.

The best thing you can do is to be yourself.  That will bring you to the highest frequency available to you, and that in itself serves the world.


Earth Energy:





777 (Everything is in divine order)

0000 (Something’s come full circle – about to begin new phase)


* Note that there is another layer to service, which is discussed in this video if you want to delve deeper into why there exists the dichotomy of Service to Self vs Service to Others.  Watch it here.


Resource related to Servcie to Self vs Service to Others:

The Law of One material.  This is in pdf form and it is an advanced read.  Purportedly the channeling of Ra, who we know as the Egyptian Sun God.  Best to download it and read in very small portions.  See it here.



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