It’s inevitable that if you live on Earth long enough, you are going to experience some loss.  A spouse.  A child.  A beloved pet.  A parent. A job.  Patience.

I’ve lost them all.  It can be a test, friends, to find the lesson in it. Doesn’t that just piss you off when someone reminds you that there is a lesson in your negative experience?  Well there’s timing for everything, and right in the middle of another’s grief is not a good time to impart that information on anyone.

It takes everyone a different amount of time to process these feelings–but please remember to process them as soon as you can.  It’s when we put if off, stuff them down, that they fester there and grow in intensity and magnitude.  They morph into rage, and depression, and sickness.

After the processing, as we refocus on daily life, the residue of the loss settles into who we are.  Subtle answers, conclusions about why it happened, even positive benefits we’re reaping now.  This is when the loss shows its value as a growth catalyst.  It’s perfectly right to feel pain and sadness, and it’s also perfectly right to see the silver lining in what was previously just a dark cloud.

This is you, being a powerful creator.



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