The White Rabbit: Your Reality is Based on Your Beliefs

reality depends on the observer

It’s no wonder that Alice in Wonderland is a classic.  Written by a creative man known to use mind-altering substances, it’s a masterpiece of challenges to our belief systems.

A rabbit that’s late? A hovering, smiling cat?  Chess-piece soldiers.

It’s full of archetypes and mind fucks, yet we still read it in our most conservative schools. Why is that, when so many other books have been banned?

I think it’s because we as a collective kept it alive, allowing it to plant a seed about how realities differ based on the observer; how the suspension of beliefs can allow in a more panoramic view of existence than what’s been proved by modern science. (Read a more esoteric explanation below*)

“Eat me.”

I just love that.

Our beliefs model our entire reality.  If you believe it to be true, then the possibility of it exists in your reality.  That’s why something can be so easy for you, but others would never try it, because they believe that they couldn’t do it.  Your reality is that much richer for your experiencing something that others denied due to fear.

What do you believe?  Are you able to suspend your judgment about what is possible in your reality?

Do you believe things now that you never thought could happen ten years ago?  I bet you do.

I’m inviting you to suspend your beliefs even more, every day, and review your opinions of what can and can’t happen on planet Earth.

Remember that you are pure light.  A tiny part of you is vibrating a little bit slower so that you can see it as solid.  If you’re pure light, then you can change things that you formerly believed were never plausible.

In essence, you can change your physical surroundings by changing your beliefs. You want to live a more elastic life like Alice?  It’s simply about updating your opinions on what can, and can’t, happen in your current reality.

Now off to follow the white rabbit.


Earth Energy






444 (All is well)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want to see)


* For those of you who live in a reality that includes off-planet energies, Alice in Wonderland, with its massive emphasis on constantly changing experiences, is an example of what life is like in the Andromeda galaxy.  The reality on Andromeda is very elastic.  Here’s what it might be like if you were walking down a street on a planet in Andromeda:

You are walking with a friend, and along the side of the road, you see a sitting dog.  You mention the dog to your partner, who claims that there is no dog there; for him, it’s a tree.  You see a dog, he sees a tree, and it’s OK for those realities to co-exist.  You both go about your lives with the belief of what you saw on your walk. And by the way, on the way home, you could choose to see the tree this time, and everything is still A-OK in your realities.

Can you see how that concept might change the behavior of Earth’s inhabitants if they adopted it?  Yeahhhh.



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