Try, Can’t and Should: Lose That Stuff From Your Vocabulary

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Two words to always remember now that you are awake:

Thoughts Create!


What are you thinking about?

Is it positive?  Great, it’s going out there to the Universe.  And you’re on that path.

Is it negative?  Guess what?  It’s going out there to the Universe.  And you’re on that path.

If you’re sending it out with intense feelings attached, you are now sprinting on that path.

Either path.

Although a thought is never all about the words you’re saying in your mind, most of us often think in a linear fashion that includes sentences comprised of words.

Those words have energy behind them, and it’s important to choose them wisely, because now you know you’re the one in charge of which path you’re on.

Three words to lose:


I don’t even have to say anything about this one, because no one can say it better than Yoda.



My mother actually used to slap us in the face if we used it in the house.  Nowadays that’s considered bad parenting, but I laud her for teaching us right.  If you say you CAN’T do something, guess what?  Now, you can’t.



Why should you?  Because someone says you are supposed to meet some standard of behavior?  That’s the old energy, and you were still asleep and following others’ directions.  No more, my friends.  You have no limits, no standards, other than those you set for yourself.  You know that we are all one, so what you do to your fellow man you are doing to yourself.  You don’t need “should” anymore because you are now a self-governing sovereign individual.


Now that you have stricken those words from your vocabulary, here are three new ones:


Free from limitations of time.



Overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited.



Occult communication between souls or with spirits.


Let me hear you use those in a sentence.