Use music to clear out your old emotions and help you continue growing up spiritually during your awakening process.

Everyone has a song that makes them want to cry.

These were the songs that were playing when something happened in your life, and your psyche associated them with the occurrence.  Just capturing a few notes as you travel past an open window, or while shopping is enough to bring back a flood of memories that may or may not be good ones.

You can use these experiences to clear out emotional residue if the memories evoked are not pleasant ones. Gone are the days, awakened soul, that you must toil over your past and figure out the why of things. In the New Energy, you can hear that song, cry it out right then and there (yes, you can!) and release that ensnared pain without your brain getting involved.

It’s about the feeling of it, rather than the analysis of it. Move the process from your head, to your heart, and your Higher Self will do the rest. Instead of asking yourself, “What happened?” formulate the question as “How do I feel about what happened?”

Those feelings are trapped, and once you let them go, you have popped another bubble of resistance.

I have a Spotify list of songs that clear out old emotions. Here’s how to create your own playlist on Spotify.

Today, search out a song that makes you emotional, and feel the process that occurs when it plays.

Earth Energy:

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • 999 (End of an era)
  • 288 (Don’t bother doubting)

Click here for more information about how songs bring back such vivid memories from the past.