I see the term “Lightworker” a lot now.

Yeah, it’s been around for quite a while.  Since the 80’s really, when shit starting heating up on Earth and a group of us realized that we felt like outcasts from society. It was cool to be in an elite covert group, even if the population called us weirdos.  But we knew we had some different purpose, some mission–we just didn’t know what it was or why we were different. All that’s changing.

If you’re reading this, you too, decided to have a special mission incorporated into your life experience on Earth.

Every individual on earth has an Oversoul (or Higher Self) that chose to incarnate here to explore particular themes.  Could be learning patience, playing well with others, or compassion. This is their personal mission.

Now some Oversouls have chosen to add the BADASS flair to their incarnations, in which they aren’t just exploring personal missions, but have collective missions as well.  They’ve decided to help others with their personal missions on a larger scale.  Think of them as “Earth Guides.”

That, my friend is a Lightworker.  A badass overachiever whose choice to serve the whole is a major part of their reason for being here.  Lightworkers vibrate at a frequency that’s higher than the collective, and they take that supercharged energy with them where ever they go. Nothing needs to be done to be a Lightworker. Just BEING is of service.

So, you are a badass and you may have not even known it. You are serving humanity just by being alive.

Lightworkers work in every sector, live in every area of the world, and are of all shapes and sizes.  That’s how we help, by mingling with the crowd, experiencing their pains, their themes, and putting ourselves in their shoes. We made this deal before we got here, and then we forgot. Forgetting was necessary; otherwise, we couldn’t truly immerse ourselves in society and feel the woes of Earth life.

And then we wake up, or awaken, to realize our plan.

The lightbulb goes on (pun intended.)


So I’m a Lightworker. Now what do I do?

You do not have to give up your job and work for charity.  You do not have to give your services away for free.  Know that your value is in your presence in any room, your listening ear, and your example to others about how to live a peaceful, abundant life.

Some may be inclined to change careers or otherwise focus on service to humanity. If you feel so inclined to make changes in your life, those changes will be positive and you will do them because it gives you joy.  But it’s not required.

Just be the most authentic you in every situation, all the time.


If you have questions about being a Lightworker, please send us a Twitter message and we’ll shoot you an answer.


Love and Light to you (and now you know what that means),




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