Why Lightworkers Are Supposed To Have Fun

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Spiritual advisors tell us all the time to “Go Have Fun” in order to be better Lightworkers.  But why?

It’s about frequency.

Earth has been covered with a technological frequency-controlling grid for the last 300,000 years by those who prefer a path of Service-to-Self over a life of Service-to-Others.  This grid keeps people in a vibrational prison, riddled by fear, uncertainty, and unaware of their true powers.  It’s easy to dominate people who live in fear.

There are countless entities and consciousnesses, not only of extraterrestrial origin, but extra-dimensional as well, that are beaming high-vibration energy to our planet in hope of breaking down this grid and restoring all humans to their state of sovereignty. Yet historically, even when this energy penetrated that grid, there was no one on the planet with a physical body encoded properly to receive it. Until recently.

Enter the Lightworkers, whose cells contain the ability to accept these high frequency emissions, and Level-Up our bodies.  We, my friends, are energy transducers.

We catch the high-frequency beams as we meditate, practice yoga, and talk to our guides. We catch them when we’re watching kids play, or smelling a flower on our morning walk, or petting the cat. Our bodies absorb and integrate this energy.

Then, wherever we go, we emanate those vibes to the rest of the sleeping world.

You can’t emanate that high-frequency energy unless you are in the vibration to accept it in the first place.

Think about a day when you feel shitty.  Everything looks pointless, and your “Why Bother?” attitude runs the show for a short time.  As you know, the day rarely gets any better.  Time drags on as you bring about more dull experiences matching the vibration that you’re emitting, until you fall asleep and you reset yourself.

All of the assistance, synchronicities and signals from your guides (which are really you in other forms) will go unnoticed, ignored, or will just bounce off of you because you are not aligned to receive them.

Now, think about a time when you are goofy.  Perhaps you are playing with kids, or laughing with friends.  You are in joy.  Time passes at a faster rate, or you forget time altogether. And your laughter is contagious to those around you.

So focus on joy.  Focus on having fun wherever you are, and if it’s not fun, then don’t do it.


You can say that, you know.

Yes, even at your job—the job that society told you you can’t survive without (another falsehood to smash, thank you very much) because it wants to keep you in fear.  Imagine if all humans remembered that they could manifest anything and everything they desired (which you can).

That element of fear that beguiles most humans would be eradicated, and then the population would be impossible to dominate.

Yep.  You have that power. And you and I have been duped this whole time about it.

So today, remind yourself to have fun, no matter what you’re doing.  It puts you in the receptive frequency for guidance, for your manifestations, and for more fun experiences.



author: Kimberly

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