Why You’ve Experienced So Much Tragedy

Experiencing tragedy and devastation in your life - Are You Awakening?

Does it feel like you’ve experienced more than your share of devastation?

I can answer “yes” on your behalf.

I know this, because if you’re reading this, you’ve awakened to the fact that we are all One.  That means you are connected to everyone, everywhere. We have relationships with every single person existing; some are joyous, and some tenuous, but all are designed to help all involved expand to the next level of consciousness.

You woke up early, because you will be guiding the way for those that follow you. You’re going within and learning authenticity, self-love, and worthiness. And one of the most important missions of being a Lightworker is your ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

This comes from exposure to a vast number of experiences, many of which were challenging if not outright tragic. Not only did those seemingly negative experiences contribute to your growth, but your expansion from them also helps you empathize with others enduring similar situations.

This allows you the chance to display compassion, and the potential for service to others in their time of need—because you’ve been there, you are best fit to serve in such instances.

Today, look at your past tragedies as a chance to serve someone in the future.  Humanity needs empathetic people who can put themselves in another’s shoes without judgment.

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