Are Awake People Selfish?

Are awakened people selfish? Is selfishness a part of the awakening process?
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Once you awaken, authenticity is key for you.

This doesn’t always bode well in relationships in which the other party still expects you to give them what they’re missing.

An awake partner will speak his mind because integrity and authenticity are key factors of his newfound perspective on life. We know that what we send out comes back to us, so once we awaken, we know that our words, deeds and actions affect us directly.

We move from striving to please others according to the social guidelines of “fitting in,” to honest communication spoken from a place of inner security and unquestioned self-worth. When a partner is unable to grasp life from that broadened perspective, he or she may consider your behavior as selfish.

Here are some things I’ve overheard during conversations between couples:

“You ruined my day.”
“All you ever think about is yourself.”
“Why does it always have to be your way?”
“You’ve changed.  I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

These are all indications that your partner is still viewing the world from a perspective of separation.

Such distortions are the common consensus among those still sleeping, and unless inner work is done on their part, your vibrations will be misaligned. Since you understand oneness and have adopted a lifestyle of compassion and empathy, your self-care could most certainly be misconstrued as selfishness.

  • Remember that relationships are merely mirrors so that you may further discover who you are, based on your interactions with others. The relationship will last for as long as it takes for this realization, and then it will end.
  • Today, ask yourself if your close relationships are serving your spiritual growth, or hindering it through obligation. Not all relationships were made to last forever.  When they end, they will be replaced with people more representative of your own vibration.