Energy Report – Empty is OK – December 20, 2017

Empty tanks generally piss us off.

Your car, the barbecue grill just when you are ready to start cooking, bank accounts.


But empty tanks in the New Energy are a good thing.  It’s when you’ve done some internal processing; you’ve filed things away so that you can draw on their experience if you ever need it, from an objective point of view.

Assimilating that new increase in frequency can manifest all sorts of symptoms, including:

  • Spaciness
  • Difficulty breathing, like someone is sitting on your chest
  • Laziness and then guilt because of your laziness
  • Fear as the weak spots in your magnetic field are filled in
  • Crying about nothing in particular

If you feel disconnected from reality right now, know that it’s just you, rebooting.  You’ll be ready for a new and exciting experience very soon, and your frequency will be that much higher.

Earth Energy: Colors:  Dark Green, Light Green.  If your tank feels empty, consider that an accomplishment.  It means you’re finished processing something big.  Winning!


0000 (Full Circle)

600 (A frequency change has been completed)


*Please, if you experience any physical symptoms that you are concerned about, see a doctor of your choice if you feel called to.



I don’t have any concept of time.  I can’t make a decision to save my life and I have no idea where I went last night in my sleep, but now I know I am a hypocrite with respect to gossip.



Like I’m crying for the whole world.



Recollecting myself. Asking about origins. Because it’s a far cry from what I was raised to believe.

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