You are turning into Light.

As Earth progresses into 5D, our bodies are turning less dense and more into Light.  What does that mean for you? That astral travel is much easier, and you can create with more abandon than before.  Plus, you get to be conscious while you’re doing it, if you practice.

Today, take time to lay quietly and, after doing whatever you do to quiet your mind (if you can’t do this, watch our video on meditation). Once you are in that relaxed state, send yourself on a trip somewhere.  This is the time to use your imagination, and make that place look, sound and smell like anything you want. It’s your life, and you’re creating it, so you may as well create something fun.

As doubts drift in (“you’re making this all up,” “you can’t really leave your body,” “you should be doing laundry”), thank these thoughts, tell them you’ll be back later, and continue on with your adventure.

This is great practice in building your conscious creator muscles. We’ve always been creators, remember, but we weren’t doing it consciously in the past because we were programmed to doubt those abilities. We reacted to our outside surroundings, and created from that place, which as you now know, is ass backwards.

I’m asking you to create first, and watch as the physical world molds itself to your creation.

Yes, you can. And the laundry can wait.

Earth Energy:

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • 222 (visualize your desires)
  • 111 (new beginnings)