Happening Now: Total Lunar Eclipse and a Lot of Fear

the end of the world

No doubt you’re hearing predictions about today’s Lunar Eclipse ushering in immense energy, as well as earthquakes, tsunamis and other frightening things.

With July 27th’s Lunar Eclipse comes the usual barrage of predictions about energetic changes, the dawning of the New Earth, and massive pulses that the whole world will feel.  I agree that we are being bombarded with positive radiation like never before. Unfortunately, most of these messages are delivered out of context, and they’re inciting a lot of fear.

Let’s get this straight:  if you are reading this, you are not on the timeline where Earth is destroyed…unless you decide to focus on that shit.

Are there timelines in which the Earth is destroyed?  You betcha.  And that timeline is very real, and those people who are focusing on the End of the World in such a destructive way are going to get what they fear.  The Law of Attraction delivers to you what you send out.  If you are living within a frequency that views destruction as the most probable event, you’re gonna get it.

Remember, you’re creating your entire reality.

You are also part of the Collective, which is creating everything in our shared reality;  from the weather, to the last-ditch attempt by the Darkness in government, to the possibility of a New Earth in which all beings are viewed as equal and are free to live harmoniously with others, no matter what their beliefs.

You are creating both of these timelines, my friends. The timeline in which Earth blows up, and the one where everyone ends up just fine.

Please remember this when you’re watching prophetic videos, or listening to channels that are discussing huge world changes.

Is Earth changing?  She sure is.  Are there more natural occurrences (do you notice I didn’t say “disasters?”) in which the landscape is changing through earthquakes, rain and volcanic eruptions?  Absolutely.

Yet there is no requirement that anyone has to die.  Much of what you’re hearing about is part of Earth’s natural cycle.  So expecting death and destruction from such occurrences will get you….guess what?



Don’t want to go just yet? Me neither. So what do you do?

You laugh.  You keep your spirits up.

Be silly.  Be kind. Be weird. Focus on joy. Play with animals.

Send out intentions that those who desire to remain on Earth are kept safe and healthy, so that they can live out their lives according to their best and highest good.  Imagine the Earth engulfed in a warm pink light of safety, or use whatever image you choose to send your love outward.  Out there. To yourself and everyone else. This is a Lightworker’s duty.


You got this.

There is not a single human on Earth that can guarantee that a prediction will come to fruition. The Collective, which includes you, and me, and all the people we affect with our energy, decides in which direction we will head.  At the moment, the majority of Lightworkers are headed towards the happy timeline.  And unless more people start focusing on the fear aspect, then it’s smooth sailing, even if a volcano erupts here and there.

You are creating this, Lightworker, so pay attention to your vibration, and the more laughing you can do, the closer we get to a New Earth in which we all win.

And enjoy the eclipse if you are lucky enough to be in an area where you can see it.


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