Seeing Colors in Front of Your Eyes?

Today there are lots of energies swirling around.

As people settle back into their lives after the holiday madness, we will be receiving more signs that Earth has shifted further into the direction of amalgamation.

Despite what the news wants you to think–with “monster storm slamming Northeast” (look at that word choice!) and the usual political circus–that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, our shift is starting to snowball (pun intended) and we’re ascending faster than expected.  This means that we’re coming closer to the critical mass needed for the entire Earth to shift as a collective.

If you’re reading this, you are going to be more sensitive to those subtle energies that are fueling the shift.  They may appear to you as colored clouds in between your eyes and whatever you’re looking at.  Your human self may try to explain it away, of course, as we’re so programmed to do so; that’s up to you.

I, personally, like having colorful friends around me, so I invite them in.

Today, if you see colored phenomena that baffles you, enjoy it and thank the Universe for your expanded visual skills.  If you absolutely must explain it away, then think of something imaginative and thank the Universe for your witty ingenuity as a creator.

Earth Energy:





2018 (The year of Lets’s See What Happens)

222 (Keep visualizing your desires)


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