survival fears

One of Earth’s themes in 2018 is of clearing out old fears so that we can move to 5D.  Sounds painful, but it doesn’t have to be.  One huge subject in March so far has been that of our very survival.

Lightworker, no doubt you have lived many a life where you starved to death, or died of sickness because you couldn’t afford the cure.  Plague was probably involved (it was such a hot subject in the 1300’s,) and you’re still carrying that around unless you have done the work to transmute it.

If you are now dealing with terror about losing your way of life—in the form of your job, your health or the fate of Earth itself—then those subjects are surfacing for you, and the collective, to heal.  Get them out.

The new Earth energy allows you to recognize your lessons without having to experience debilitating situations to get your attention.  Survival fears are the hot topic right now, and as a Lightworker, when you face your own fears, you are also facing them for the entire collective.  You are a healer.  You chose this.

How to address your survival fear right now:

  • Start with recognizing the fear has surfaced.
  • Instead of dulling it with self-medication (wine, food, etc), sit down and ask it to come forward.
  • Remember that the best way out is through.
  • Look back at this life so far and remind yourself that you are well-fed and resources are plentiful.
  • Recognize that as an old soul, you probably have starved in another life, but you have better tools now.
  • Know that your Higher Self guides you in your effort to release these outdated beliefs.
  • Confirm that you have all the skills necessary to exist in this reality without pain or suffering.
  • Send the fear out to the Universe with the resolve that it no longer affects your life.
  • Let it all go.

Now, go play.  Do something that makes you laugh. This will raise your vibration back to the highest available frequency for you, and will aid in releasing the resistance. You have done your work.

You will not starve.  Everything will be fine.  Life is abundant and you have every right to that abundance, and no one else will suffer from you having everything you desire.  People are inherently good. You are loved.


Earth Energy:






777 (Everything is in Divine Order)

888 (Abundance is abundant)




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