heavy alcohol use in awakening individuals

The awakening process is not only a spiritual one.  Your body will come into play as the vessel which holds the magnificent part of you in the 3D world.

This past weekend I viewed the evidence of a mass awakening.  I was visiting a beach, and thus was exposed to a wide variety of individuals that had come in from out of town.

Each person’s energetic signature is marked with colors related to their experience, attitude and focus.  They look like little colored sparks of light.

I have noticed this past week* that there are more higher colors included in nearly everyone’s energy field.

Take a look at a chakra chart and view the colors from the bottom up.  As the colors rise, so does the individual’s frequency. So the more green and blue that appears, the higher the frequency that is available to that person.  Also note that it’s not just the colors—but the intensity of and the balance between—the colors, that also determines a signature.

What I also noticed, was that heavy drinking was going on.

As more energy is being sent through the body of an awakening person, the nervous system is faced with a quick decision on what to do with this energy. It can expend it in physical labor, anxiety, and…escape.

And since our society pitches the escape lifestyle so often, it’s easy to connect the dots on what your anxious mind might choose.

So here you have an asleep lightworker who has, until recently, been living in the programmed matrix grid; he’s being shot up with energy UP through both his root chakra, and DOWN through his crown chakras.  His nervous system is on overdrive as he learns to accommodate this new energy. His human brain searches for what to do with that energy. Alcohol, one of the most potent, legal and easily accessible drugs, can look like a perfect way to process it.

There will be no judgment here.  That’s not what this is about.  But if you are finding yourself drinking more, then please read the following statement to yourself.  It’s a trigger message:

As you awaken, your nervous system will search for a way to transmute the intense energies that are coursing through your body. There is societal programming set in place for you to seek escape from this discomfort, in the form of socially-acceptable substances.  This is an attempt by Darkness to keep you fixed in the grid by promoting your consumption of chemicals that LOWER your vibration, thus delaying—or avoiding—your awakening.

Remember that your entire existence is governed by free will. You can choose any option to seek alleviation from the discomfort of these extra energies in many ways.  Alcohol is simply one choice.

I am not talking about one glass of wine here.  I am talking about going out on a Saturday night, downing a bottle, then adding a couple of drinks later.  I’m talking about the kind of drinking that takes days to recover from.  Look how far away from spiritual bliss a person is after a night of heavy drinking.  This ensures that shadow gets to keep you on its team for just a little bit longer.

These energy transmissions are NOT going to stop.  As a lightworker, you will be receiving more and more energy of this intensity.  There’s no going backwards here.

Just check in with yourself.  Is there any other way to release that energy?  Can you exercise, or write a poem, or pet an animal? If so, consider it.  We want you here on the Light side with us.  It’s much more fun than a hangover.


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*When I enter a crowd, I can see the energy of the collective in a building, as well as each individual.  You can do this too, by the way; we all possess this skill.

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