why life is like an onion

Go within. Go within. Go within. Go within. Go within.

We can see it from hundreds of different sources, and still look externally for answers.  Why don’t we get a concept presented to us the first time?

Because you’re an onion.

Onions grow in layers, and layers build upon those layers.  And you, Lightworker, with your vast number of lives lived on this master planet, have built up a lot of layers.  Lives where you’ve been the conqueror, the raped maiden, the child who died of a horrible infection, the dancer, royalty.

Each life with its experiences shapes who you are, and you bring all of those layers to this life.  Those are separate parts of you, the different YOU’s that exist, looking at life from differing perspectives in different physical bodies.

As you work on integration, you will be peeling these layers away—but not discarding them.  You take the lessons, the conceptual expansion from each lifetime, and you meld it into who you are now.  And then you go for the next layer, and the next…

With each layer you peel, you use things you’ve seen and heard in this current reality (“Go within!”), and you apply it to that particular layer, whether it be a fear, an insecurity, or an archaic belief that no longer serves you. You integrate that layer, and BAM! You have further expanded your consciousness.

Just like your subconscious mind wants to see a brand advertised at least 7x before you trust it, your higher consciousness continues providing you the option to expand by presenting you with the same trigger, hoping you’ll go deeper with each opportunity for introspection.

So peel away, you big onion.  And don’t forget that it’s normal to cry when you do.


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