You Used to Have Accidents, Now You Just Sleep: PROGRESS!

you are learning your lessons through sleep

Light worker, the energy on earth has certainly changed.  Remember the days when you had to create an accident for yourself in order to learn a lesson?

Those days are gone, my friend. Past are the days in which we had to create a shitstorm for ourselves, which forced us inwards long enough to comprehend the lesson involved. And guess what? If we didn’t get it the first time, we got another one. And another one. Until we got it.

I guess I’m a slow learner.  I had to send myself 2 divorces, a devastating hurricane, a lost child, homelessness and bankruptcy to wake my slow ass up.

Those days, although they were fun at the time, served as a reflection of the vibration in which I lived. I was reacting to the outside physical world, instead of recognizing that I am creating it myself, and so I didn’t know any better at the time.

If such things have happened to you—and I know they have, or you wouldn’t be reading this—you know by now that those situations served you great purpose, and you’re done experiencing that kind of negativity.

In the new energy of Earth, instead of the accidents used to create for yourself, you will just sleep. The lesson was presented to you during the day, but you may not have recognized it, because you were too busy focusing on something else. But now, now that you are recognizing lessons so much faster in any experience that you have, you no longer need to immerse yourself in a shitstorm.

Even if you don’t consciously grasp the lesson as it’s happening, your Higher Self knows that you have the ability to access that energy and process that lesson without needing to have it presented again.

You do this in the form of sleep. Sleep is when you release all of that resistance that was holding the lesson back. This is when stuff gets done.

So if you are sleeping a lot more (I am sleeping some days 10 to 12 hours,) know that this is a normal sign of waking up, and a celebratory part of progress.


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988 (Phase of your life is coming to an end)

222 (Keep visualizing what you want to be)


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