Energy Report – Clean Slate – December 1, 2017

HOLY CRAP where did the year go???

It feels like yesterday when I was at a New Year’s gathering, NOT kissing anybody and feeling awkward.  And now I get to do it again soon.

December starts us with a new clean slate, though.  You get to start a month early because you are an awake Trailblazer, and you are the pioneer for the rest of the population.  After all that clearing of yucky old belief systems and over-contemplated traumas from our past, you get to start fresh.

You have left the previous 3D stuff behind, and you don’t ever have to go back and review it again unless you want to.  So, now you’re standing in 5D in front of a clean, white, newly-gessoed (and dried) canvas, ready for you to paint on there about WHO YOU ARE.

Whatcha going to paint?

Earth Energy: White, white and white. Today think of something you’ve always wanted to do that you thought was impossible.  Try it. Numbers: 400 (Great new beginnings), 0000 (Full Circle and Reboot). Stocks to watch: OVID, ARAY




Energy report: my November ended with an eruption. Someone I know started getting too close and triggered me. I had so much grief and trauma come up that I had to cry and physically roll around on the floor to express it. My heart feels cleaner today.



I feel like a piece of mica that has scraped off a couple of thin layers.  The layers don’t have to be as thick anymore and they peel off easier too. I can see inside the stone through the layers that remain.



Relatively peaceful.


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