Energy Report – Closer To Your Higher Self – December 14, 2017

The Veil is Being Thinned for Many Today.

Good morning, awakened Trailblazer.  Today is a day where you have the chance to get the closest to your Higher Self than you’ve ever had before.  What does that mean?

When you incarnated, you wanted life to present you with surprises, so you put a veil between your Earth consciousness (human) and your Higher Self (True Essence.)

Well, that veil gets thinner and thinner each time you bust out of your 3D construct, by facing fears, addressing belief systems and forgiving yourself and others.

Today has lots of yellow-green energy pouring in (The Founders, if you would like to do further research) as well as  gold energy (Sirius) to help you and your Higher Self communicate better with less static.

Earth Energy:

Spring Green

Today, be open to seeing and feeling colors and energy.  Take long, deep breaths if anxiety hits you.  It takes time for your body to adjust to these new energies.  Tomorrow is a big day.


999 (The end of an era).
4 (Guides offering support and encouragement).


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