Energy Report – Cold on the Inside – December 6, 2017

Feeling Disconnected? Abandoned? You’re Growing Anyway.

Today with the moon on its way out, you may feel like you are trying to connect with your Higher Self and it’s not listening.  This can be from your requests for the occurrence of something, a solution for something, or a change of some sort.  Know that your Higher Self never abandons you; you may be diverted with all the holiday stuff going on to have a clear channel for listening.  It’s OK.  It’s not forever; you could just be focusing more on 3D things (credit card bills, wrapping gifts or family activities) than the growth of your soul at the moment.

You’re growing anyway, don’t worry. You’re always growing.

Earth Energy: Brown, Orange, Black.  Feelings of being ignored by your Higher Self are simply you resisting things.  Know that it’s not permanent. Numbers: 666 (raise your vibration), 077(your growth is right on track).  Stocks to watch:  HDP, HA




I feel like a caged animal that someone forgot to let out.




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