Energy Report – Create – December 30, 2017

It’s All About Creation.

Only 2 days left of 2017. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m OK with that.

Have you created anything in 2017 that could serve as a memoir?  A poem?  A song?  Art?

If not, today is a good day to create even one small little thing to remind you of 2017.  Put it somewhere safe, because in the New Energy, your memory will not be as reliable as it was before.  It’s simply not necessary in higher dimensions to relive past moments once the lesson has been gleaned from them.

So make your creation that represents 2017, and have a small ritual in which you send thanks to the Universe for the growth that you’ve experienced.  When you discover it in later years, it will still be imprinted with the energy of today.


Earth Energy:






555 (Upcoming change)

900 (Time to spread your light).



Thankful for a day in which I have little planned.  The Earth energy is just kind of floating along in limbo.  Not bad, not good.  Just treading water.


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