Daily Energy Report – November 10, 2017

A lot goes on while you’re asleep.

Awakening is about moving energy around.  It’s about allowing your 3D body and consciousness opening up to higher-frequency energies that are basically bombarding you from everywhere.  You’ve chosen to allow these higher energies in, and it’s a workout. A lot of this happens while your body is asleep. Today’s energy is one of recuperation.

You may feel like you ran a marathon last night in your sleep, or climbed a sequoia, or swam the English Channel.  Your body and mind may be exhausted even though you slept a long time.  Normal!  Today is Friday, so take it easy, start your weekend early if you can.  Try to maintain steadier peaks and valleys today by stepping back from any anger-inducing subjects, and put it off until later if you can.

Earth Energy:  Pale yellow, gray.  Just ride the wave today “Office Space” style.  Avoid major decisions or confrontations if possible.  Numbers: 566 (Ask for help if you are having difficulty accepting change), 557 (changes occurring are all good).




Scattered thoughts  throughout the morning. large gusts of optimism moving in by this afternoon. Evening should be calm and contemplative.



Tired but very present. I had a weird night last night.



No dreams, no memories.  Feel like that woman in Mars Attacks that floats just above the ground.  Except I’m bumping into things.  When my eyes look at my body, it looks different but I don’t know why.

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