Daily Energy Report – November 9, 2017

Quick!  Think of something you really, really want.

Now feel the way you would feel if you had it right now.  Stoked? Safe? Satisfied? However you would feel then, feel it now.  And then send it out.

That’s today.

The energies surrounding you are actually little bits of you, maybe with different names or faces, or no body at all. Little bits of love-ly you.  Those energies are waiting to help you experience the excitement of creation. Whether it be a hug, a chance encounter with someone you’d been thinking about, or the needed healing, those energies are waiting for you to send out your desires.  They get doubly excited when they see how the having of that thing makes you feel better.

But if you don’t ask for help, then it can’t be given to you.  The permission is in the intention.

Today’s energies are charged up and ready to provide.  Make an effort to send out a few intentions today.  No clenched jaws; it’s a heart thing. Remember to feel how you’d feel, and savor those feelings for as long as you can.  And send out that thanks for everything that you have.


Earth energy: Teal, turquoise, red.  Send your intentions out today with gratitude.  Ask guides for help if you feel unsure. Numbers: 222 (keep visualizing what you want), 288 (don’t bother doubting)

The energies are such that you may receive erroneously-sent emails today from places you’ve got accounts.  They may say your order has shipped (but you didn’t order anything), or display an old newsletter or such.  This is common and they’ll soon send another email that says they’re sorry!



Hazy this morning after a long evening of inter-dimensional travel. Afternoon clearing with a chance of mood swings.



The roller coaster has just reached the top.  I’m looking down and there’s a dozen different tracks.  Holy shit!  Which one looks like the most fun? That one.  Deep breath in, OK, fuck it, here goes.



Circumstances are losing priority cause the mission is clear.

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