Daily Energy Report – November 2, 2017

Today is about authenticity.  You have many “yous” that take charge during your day. The mother, the teacher, the one who should go to the gym but doesn’t feel like driving there.

Ask yourself this: While you are being each one of those “yous,” do you change your behavior to not speak your mind, to avoid confrontation, or to speed things up?

One of the aspects of awakening is integrating all of those “yous” into ONE authentic YOU.  A you in which you are the same person in any situation, with anyone.  A you that you feel good about all the time, so there’s no need to change it up for anyone else.

Love to all of the “yous” still out there.


Earth Energy:  Yellow, Ochre. Questioning others’ authenticity. Numbers:  667 (ask for help if needed, and keep going -things are manifesting as they should be)




Feeling of urgency, like I’m running out of time.



Feeling displaced, like I don’t know which is my true home.


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