Earth is an Illusion

We are living in a world of illusion, where others have defined how we should think, behave and act.

You no longer must subscribe to that belief now that Earth’s shifting into 5D.  Once you start questioning your desires, beliefs and programming, you might realize that you’ve not really been thinking your own thoughts.  They were put there by the “small self” that was chided for self-expression or questioning the norm in earlier years.

Well screw that, friends.

Here’s a quote from me, your friend:

“You are a perfect aspect of Source.  You have all of the powers that Source has; you just forgot that you did. Anything that you can conceive of can be created.  You’re that powerful.”

If anytime, today you run into a situation, person or belief that gives you the “willies,” you have the power to change your belief about it right then and there, with no explanation required to anyone. Get out of there.  Lose that person.  Observe the belief and choose the opposite. You’re that powerful.


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