Daily Energy Report – November 7, 2017

The Road Ahead.

Life is full of hills and valleys, and the road of our consciousness winds through them all.

We whiz along gazing at the landscape, sometimes green and exciting, sometimes a wasteland. Just around the turn, there could be another deep dip into a valley you weren’t expecting to encounter.

Today’s energy is one of trust.  Trust in your higher self, and in the bigger picture that isn’t revealed to us, as your life serves all beings, everywhere, along the way.

Since we wanted this to be an adventure when we incarnated, we aren’t shown the end of the road.  We craved the excitement, to see if we would pass down into that valley with white knuckles…or with the thrill of a roller coaster in its first big plunge.

It’s when you trust yourself that everything will work out fine, even if that valley is a deep one; that you can appreciate the dip and the growth potential from riding it.  Trust that you will find the skills, opportunities and assistance needed to glean positive growth, with as little suffering as you choose, right from within yourself.


Earth Energy: Deep Blue, charcoal.  Sitting with things and trusting.  Gentle reminder to question why you doubt, and if that still serves you.  Numbers: 0000 (things have come full circle), 444 (all is well even if you can’t see the big picture).




Had a big loss overnight with the death of a beloved horse.  Feelings of guilt, questioning the balance of human/spiritual motives. Advised to treat myself gently.



Very gray and heavy.



Recalling and re-experiencing the harming and killing of innocents in other lives, then feeling horridly guilty and self-punishing.


Song in memory of Caberneigh.  A much-beloved pet who will be missed by many.

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