Daily Energy Report – November 8, 2017

Today’s Energy is WHHHHOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???????????!!!!


Holy crap it feels like the world got a defibrillator to the heart.  If you are feeling like you just got off of a carnival ride, you are not alone.  Lost your feet?  Me too.  Things look any different?  Colors incite an emotion?

There is some very visceral energy moving through us, with assistance from those in other places who understand well the challenges of being human.  So it may feel like you are a bit lost, feeling like you need to take action, or you’re looking around at everything and wondering if you really need it.

Sit down.  Breathe.  Belt out a song.  Connect with the you that makes you most happy and stay there.  Then when an impulse comes to you, and it feels weird, perfect!  Follow it and wait for the next sign.

Earth Energy:  Bright blue, Red.  Yellow. Accept weird feelings and consult gut before acting. Pay attention to colors.  Numbers: 445 (good change for the collective), 664 (maintain communication with guides)



High tide this morning, sit back, surrender and ride the waves of new energy coming in. The afternoon brings in elation and strong possibility of a nap.



Optimistic! Discovering long running negative beliefs. A pushy energy to get all this stuff cleared up and out of the way. Plus detecting a quasi physical presence lately.



HOLY FUCK.  It’s like a got a shower on the inside.  I suddenly don’t care about stuff that used to bother me.  My hands are pulsing.  Like contractions when you’re giving birth –  you can’t ask them to stop, but you can get assistance for the symptoms, because that baby’s only going in one direction, and that’s through it.  Hey Kimberly!  (insert woman in labor’s angry voice):  “You did this to me!!”  Yup.

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