Daily Energy Report – Today’s 11/11 !

Welcome to the fringe, my friends.

All of us weirdos have been celebrating 11/11 for ages; it’s now only become mainstream in the past few years.

Today’s energy is about letting in both elements of your personality.  Masculine/Feminine, Yin/Yang, whatever you want to call it.  It’s really about understanding that you have a powerful force within you that also wants to nurture.

Setting the fluffy stuff aside, here’s the dish:

The people you meet are presenting themselves to you as mirrors reflecting YOUR inner self back to YOU.  They are character actors in your own personal film.

You will encounter the masculine “you” (he could be a spouse, the redneck with “little man” syndrome, the homeless person talking to himself on the street, your father). Is he forceful, aggressive, fearful, shy, or something else?

And you will meet the feminine “you” (wife, the selfie-taking duck-lipped millennial, grocery store cashier, your mother).  She’s playing a character, too, just for you.  What’s she reflecting?  Kindness?  Bitchiness? Selfishness? Patience?  Acceptance?

Both of those archetypes are here for your review.  It’s your film.  You cast them.  And you are writing the script and learning as you go.  You get to choose your perspective on all of these characteristics, ultimately integrating them into the person you want to be, the authentic you.

So for today, look at people as your supporting cast–perfect aspects of God just like you are–doing you a favor.

Earth Energy: Colors:  Clear (no color), Teal Blue.  Others are there to reflect. Observe your interactions and how they affect your energy.  Correct if necessary.  Numbers: 662 (Look for signs and correct course if necessary), 1111 (snapshot of your thoughts).



Anticipation of masculine influence upcoming, hopefully it includes sex.  That would be greaaaat. In the meantime, focus on patience and acceptance of all the masculine examples that don’t appeal to me–they are still me.



Last night’s burst of energy brought in a big “fuck you” this morning. Don’t get trapped in the human fear. Afternoon should bring in less compulsive thinking. 70% chance of calm and balance  this evening

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