Do You Believe In The Messages You Send To Yourself?


It’s been a common consensus that lately we have been receiving a giant number of messages from our Higher Selves.  Are you listening or are you dismissing them?  If we ignore important messages, then, dagnabbit, they will come back again, and next time louder.  Do you want that? Yeah, no.

I remember one time I ignored such messages, and the Universe came back with a hurricane to displace me.  And all of my belongings. And my job. And my home.

But thankfully, Earth’s energy has changed for the better, and there’s no need for such drastic measures if you choose to pay attention.

Just listen to those urges, the songs that seem to have messages, the chance encounters.  Don’t freak – this is part of the new energy and you can tap into it anytime, safely and with wonder. Just sit with your message and see how it feels.  In the awakened world, it’s called “sitting with things.”


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