Energy Report – Downhill is Good – December 29, 2017

Downhill is a Good Place to Go.

The year 2017 was an uphill climb for Earth.  Things fell away: relationships, jobs, the sense of security.  It seemed like every single thing that helped us feel safe just disappeared, leaving us feeling exposed, unsure, and fearful.


Those lower-frequency aspects of ourselves were no longer needed; they left your essence because you are ready to replace them with higher-frequency aspects of yourself.  New people, new jobs, and new beliefs that not only serve you better, but serve the collective better too.  So that uphill climb, no matter how arduous it was, was bringing you to the summit of a better you.

Now is the time to thank the Universe for all of it, and know that 2018 is the start of a downhill journey that will utilize the skills you’ve learned as a Lightworker.  Allowing, welcoming, visualizing the you that you really want to be.

Today, welcome in those higher frequencies with gratitude, and recognize your growth without looking back.  It’s time to enjoy where you are, right now, knowing that you are in charge of what comes next, based on your feelings in the present.

Earth Energy:






444 (All is well)

111 (New beginnings)



New habits are forming, and there is resolve there where it wasn’t before.  It’s all after I said “Fuck It” and let go.



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