Energy Report – Elastic Time – December 22, 2017

Don’t Expect Time to Behave Like It Used To.

As we awaken, we realize that Earth is just our stage, with an intricate set that includes space, distance, and time.  We all agreed to those terms, and to agreed to forget that we agreed.  Then we incarnated, and those constructs were seemingly static and non-negotiable.  As we continued our journey towards integration, we learned that space, distance and time are really just guidelines.  And that we can bend them at anytime.

That’s today, my friends, when there’ve been reports of missing time, bending time and distances traveled without being conscious of how.

Time was just part of the stage set.  Stage sets get changed with every scene. Now, in the new energy, you could experience periods of missing time, time warps where the clock doesn’t move, or being able to travel a distance in less time.


Earth Energy:  Now you can use time to your advantage, by sending out the intention to bend it. You are that powerful.


Blue, Brown, White.



666 (Raise your vibration)

555 (Change coming)


Stocks to Watch:





Two days now of missing time, ending up places, and disorientation.  It’s going to be a fun family gathering feeling like that.

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