Energy Report – Addressing Someone Difficult – November 22, 2017

The Holidays bring challenging people into our purview.

Every family’s got one.  That person.  It’s like a black cloud that hovers above your holiday celebration. Family gatherings usually include at least one member that challenges your patience, and makes you wonder if you’re really awake with the thoughts they incur in you.

Having been part of plenty of groups of diverse people, I can confirm that there’s always ONE that drives people crazy.  And I’ve also learned, that if you don’t see anyone in that group that fits that description, then that person is you.

All sarcasm aside, it’s quite possible that the most challenging person in your life right now is yourself.

After all, you’re doing some big work here, being awake and transmuting the negative belief systems not only for yourself, but for the collective too.  That’s a tall order, yet as a lightworker, you chose it.

Remember that whether that annoying individual is your Uncle John, your whining sister-in-law or a yappy dog–or YOU–that all of us are Perfect Aspects of Source.  They just forget right now.


Earth Energy: Pink, Yellow, Black.  View and treat all others as Perfect Aspects of Source, including yourself. Numbers: 776 (send good wishes despite challenges), 633 (Ask guides for help with patience)



Apologetic and remorseful. Still high energy, but processing heavy karma.



Woke up with a thin film of something keeping me from recognizing my place in the world as a perfect creator.  Then I realized that the film is just me.  Hoping the sun clears it up by afternoon.






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