Energy Report – Being OK with Anything – November 21, 2017

All sorts of good things are in store for you.

Awakened Trailblazer, our world offers any possibility you can think of.  If you can think of it, it’s possible.

The only thing holding you back is your belief that you can or can’t do it.

In our new 5D world, focus will shift from your “trusting” that all will go well, to “knowing.”  This does not mean that you will know exactly how something is going to play out, but that know that no matter what happens, it will be for your benefit.  This allows you to enjoy the excitement of what’s coming–listen to your signs, follow your breadcrumbs, and be thrilled about the unknown.

Earth Energy: Maroon, Tan, Red.  Today be ready for anything, like a present yet to be delivered.  Numbers:  377 (Guides are excited along with you), 238 (you have the power to create worlds)



Seeing lots of repeating numbers (when there’s 4 in a row, then shit’s about to go down).  Putting expectations aside, and relishing the fact that I have NO IDEA what’s going to happen next, but it’s still hella fun.



I feel jittery and clumsy.


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