Energy Report – Help Clearing Your Junk – November 29, 2017

It’s Spiritual Flu Season

High Energy Day today – lots of ascension symptoms manifesting itself as the flu are finally clearing out your old junk.  Rest, watch Netflix or do whatever you feel is necessary for comfort.  Don’t think that those physically-oriented symptoms indicate low energy.  It’s called the “spiritual flu” but it’s really high energy fixing you up.  Send thanks for that and know that All is Well.

Earth Energy:  Pink, Peach, Pale Blue.  Know that physical symptoms are always related to a spiritual cause. This is healing that won’t need to be healed ever again.  Numbers: 444 (All is well), 990 (Returning bigger and stronger.)


You can view more Awakening Symptoms here.



Renewed after challenge, peeled off some scales that were keeping the real me IN.  Time to fly.



Still angry from yesterday.



(Kimberly here…Kelly called in sick with the Spiritual Flu.  For real.)



I feel up in the air.  Like everything is moving around me and I don’t know what to do.