Energy Report – Don’t Freak Out at Change – Nov. 15, 2017

So your awakened self has realized that change is part of the plan.  Like really the only plan.

Change is inevitable and it’s the reason we incarnate at all.  In the Old Energy, the growth process was soooo much more effective when we experienced negative circumstances such as loss or other unexpected challenges.  I mean, when the Unicorns are grazing around you under that rainbow, you generally aren’t looking to change much.

It’s when all’s gone to the shitter that you go inward and ask yourself questions about yourself.  You inquire, you dig, you self-flagellate, you blame.  This is when the growth would occur.

But guess what?  You no longer have to make that path painful!

In the New Energy, all you have to do is notice your reactions in any situation–loss, accident, financial mishap, knife mishap, whatever–and feel inside yourself for details about the growth potential for it, BEFORE you freak out about all the crap that could happen from that situation.

You can say, “I would like information what my Higher Self is wanting to experience with this situation, and I am willing to learn and adapt from it painlessly with ease, and grace.

Notice the ease and grace?  State it like that, using words that send that energy.  Your choice of words counts!

Change can be that easy when you change your perspective along with it.


Earth Energy: Royal Blue, Green.  Expect change and vow to not freak out about all that could happen. Numbers:  555 (swift change), 588 (pay raise or unexpected financial gift).




Motivated, focused, and preparing for whatever comes next.



On the precipice, I can feel it.  Abrupt change, knowing that I’ve had plenty of it and that I’m capable of handling anything that comes my way.  Still have those butterflies in my stomach, and concede that butterflies happen for some pretty great reasons too.



There’s clarity and a directness along with some irritation about not going fast enough. “Can I finally manifest what I want now?” But it doesn’t make sense to go any faster judging by how tired I am. Also, lots of self censoring and fear.



Today’s high will depend on how much eye precipitation you can pass this morning. Winds of change pass from the solar plexus south to the root chakra. Pressure raising in the afternoon. Feels like: ascension.


A 4-year old boy to his mother today

The Earth is ending today and we are going to live on Mars.



I’m noticing a lot of synchrony with being more assertive/wanting self love and establishing boundaries. Yesterday I felt very off and I kept having panic attacks. Today I feel refreshed again and confident.

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