Energy Report – Every Fence Has Holes – Nov. 17, 2017

Take Action Today – Every Fence Has Holes

It’s the end of the week, a day when, as the weekend speeds toward us, we start putting our attention on the things that give us joy.  Our Old Energy world would have us be good worker drones, generating revenue for someone else and consuming things.*

If you have a dream in mind that excites you, look at it again this weekend.  Feel for that thrill of having it, and then ponder on what your first action might be with all the current skills in your toolbox.

This is where our programming kicks in.

“You don’t have the money to do that.”
“You need a degree for that.”
“You’re too old to start now.”

Our ego wants us right where we are.  So it sends us this crap to avoid possible failure, shame or ruin.  It tells you that there is a fence between where you are, and where you want to be.  And that fence is high.  Too high to climb. “Just stay here, where it’s safe.”

Yeah, fuck that.  You’re awake now.

Friends, every fence has holes.

If you stop focusing on the solid parts, then you can detect opportunities between the cracks.  If performing that action doesn’t feel exciting, then look for another crack that does.

Earth Energy:  Colors: Gray, Silver. Get excited about something, focus on opportunities rather than obstacles. Numbers: 022 (New Venture: focus on opportunity), 211 (Remember that you are creating this – check thoughts)




Spinning in slow circles with impatience.  I want to get started now, but waiting on this, and this, and that.



Worried, achy, anxious. Childish fright. “What’s going to happen to me?”



My energy is not great, kind of cloudy and opaque today.



I feel motivated, I guess.



This morning brought in heavy clouds of Interdimensional energy that may have you feeling as if you’re living in between several worlds. Be sure to ground yourself as you move into the afternoon. Clarity and increased intuition is forecasted this evening.


*Rarely does one find a person who really loves his or her job.  If you do, please keep sending that energy out, because your example benefits others.

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