Energy Report – Gratitude for Life – November 23, 2017

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, we gather as families and friends to give thanks for all we have.  We’ve been doing it for years, of course, but now in the New Energy, there is finally conscious intent behind our thanks.

An awakened individual embodies the concept of gratitude, in which we accept what is as “what is,” since everything we see in our physical surroundings is the effect of previous intentions we sent out.  Thus, we strive to be conscious of our thoughts, our intentions, and our frequency.

Giving thanks is the easiest way to pump up that vibration, from wherever you are. You don’t have to send out anything specific if you’re feeling grumpy!  Send out a “Thanks” for letting me breathe clean air today.  Or “Thank you, Universe,” for my being allowed to play out another life in these challenging surroundings.

Earth Energy: Red, brown, ochre.  Send out thanks with actual intent.  Numbers: 488 (What comes around goes around), 444 (All is well).



Morning brings a sense of peace, calm and self reflection. Find joy and give gratitude for the little things. Meditate this evening on what no longer serves you and release it to the universe. Live in love, love in peace. Blessed Be.



Going out of my box today to a place in which I could experience discomfort and growth.  Hint:  it includes people I don’t know.


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