Energy Report – Ignore Time – Nov. 19, 2017

Frolic Today.

Following yesterday’s lighter energy as we move into the holidays, there could be some stress about getting things done in time.  It could be for a holiday dinner, for a work deadline, or something to get done before you die.  It’s all related to our beliefs in the rigidity of Time.

It’s always a race against Time, eh?  Well, Trailblazers, in 5D you’ll realize that time is just one construct we set up for our existence on Earth, so that we could experience the delayed process of manifestation.

In our natural state, we send out a desire, and it’s instantly realized.

Not much of a chance to savor the process of those wishes fulfilled.  So we come to Earth to slow it down, watch and learn about ourselves.  To savor the details of how our desires come to physical fruition.  Because instant manifestation is boring, apparently.

So go frolic, and forget Time.  Watch what happens.

Earth Energy: Green, Yellow, White. Ignore time today if possible.  Keep thoughts on the good stuff. Numbers: 771 (have some fun now), 477 (you’ll get lucky today)




Shit, I’d LOVE to get lucky today.  Heh. That’s unlikely, so what’s the second best thing to getting lucky?  I’ll go play outside and get a foot massage afterwards.  I feel very much like a monkey today. Where are you, Sparky?



High vibes from the new moon energy this morning that could fade by afternoon if you stay stagnant. Identify and release the fears that hold you back. Evening chance of cloudy memories and glimpses through the veil.

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