Energy Report – Retiring the Old You – November 25, 2017

There has been lots of “work” being done in your sleep this past month.  You may think that you just rest while you’re asleep, but it’s actually the opposite for your spirit—which gets to escape the confines of the body and be in its natural state for a while.  That’s why babies sleep so much; it takes time to get used to being constricted in a meat suit.

This “work” can include physical upgrades, emotional healing, cool downloads of sacred geometric symbols and revelatory dreams. Much of this lately is about letting go of the negative experiences from our limiting 3D past.  You no longer have to relive every painful experience from your asleep life or any of your other lives — unless you want to. And many people do choose the painful route, because the old system dictated that we can’t release a fear or insecurity until we face it head on.  And of course, if you hit anything head on, it’s gonna hurt.

So move right through that fear.

In the New Energy, you don’t have to regress back to the time when you were 6 and everyone laughed at you.  You can observe as if watching a movie, recognize that the little girl was embarrassed, and make the decision that that experience doesn’t have to define you now.  Move right through it without the resistance from previous times. And guess what happens when you move right through something?  It’s now behind you.

With that behind you, you can make new decisions.  Today, you can be a completely new person by BEING the person you want to be.  Today, vow to not look back.

Earth Energy: Purple, Red, Blue. Today, vow not to look back and let it define you.  Numbers: 999 (The end of an era), 994 (No need to close doors behind you; jump through a new open door)



Woke up with a different direction to life than I had yesterday.  It’s showtime.



Up in the air.  Wonky.



Lots of revelations, flood of memories, lots of changes! I’m finally starting to see that there are no “right” or “wrong” choices as my ego would have me believe, but what I do with the choices I make.