Energy Report – Seeing Red Today? It’s Your Root – November 24, 2017

If you are seeing red today, you are probably in line somewhere for Black Friday.  Lines do that to me, too.

Or, it could be your root chakra doing flips with all the energy seething around inside you waiting to be sent back out there.

If you are reading this, lightworker, you are transmuting a bunch of yucky stuff for the collective right now.  Their fears about survival, safety, the loss of comfort and the unknown.  Physical, basic needs stuff.

The collective won’t thank you just yet, so remember that you chose this prior to incarnation.  You knew that you were strong enough to take on not only your personal crap, but also the group crap.  Here’s to being a galactic overachiever!

Today you may see the color red, or feel your root chakra vibrating like, well, a vibrator–at the base of your tailbone. You could feel fears about the future.  Note them, take charge of them and shoot them back out.  I like to shoot them through my crown so that those at higher dimensions can reassign the energy, but you could also send them out through the root if you choose.  Just get that crap out, and fill yourself back up with white light.

Earth Energy:  Red, Maroon, Black.  Survival issues are a priority for most people right now.  Be the example and express your vision of a positive future Earth.  Armageddon isn’t on your menu. Numbers: 911 (Transmuting the Fight or Flight response), 999 (End of an era)





Bit slow and sick. Processing more crap (does it ever end lol).



Closed for spiritual maintenance to work with inner child.



Sensing a lot of root chakra survival junk coming up but it’s not mine.  So, lower thought forms, I call your bet and raise it for the transformation of the collective.  Bring it on (she says with white knuckles.)



Content, creative, aware 🙂

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