Energy Report – Take Back Your Power – November 20, 2017

We’ve been seeing lots of people assessing self-worth lately.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why should I try that, I’ll only fail?”

“Oh my God, look at my thighs.”

As you peel away your layers of bullshit programming, our cultural obsession with freaks of nature, and other misinformation you sucked up like a sponge growing up, you’ll probably have a meltdown or two.

Let that stuff bubble up, feel it, send it out and ask for help from guides, angels, whatever you call them.  Stuffing it down will only make that bubble bigger next time, and I promise you, it’s coming back up.

Take your power back by searching for your highest-vibrational feeling, and go there.  Pretend you’re on a yacht at Monaco, hiking in the Andes, or sitting on a beach with the love of your life.  Whatever would bring you more joy than you have now.


Earth Energy:  Colors: Orange, Yellow. Look beyond the illusion and choose your stance: victim or powerful creator? Your perception will determine your day.  Numbers: 266 (find a happy image to help raise your vibration), 990 (parts of the old you will fall away and start anew.)



High! Running people over! Advise to slow down.



Morning rush of strong heart centered energy. Love for all humans? Who would’ve thought. Feelings of intense love should continue through the afternoon and into the evening. Brush away any doubts that arise.



100% doubt about every single muon of physical reality and the dark matter that holds it all together.

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