Energy Report – Time to Get Out There – Nov. 16, 2017

Be an Example.

Awakening is about going within for your answers instead of looking for external guidance.  All that self-reflection can distance you from family, friends, and society at large.  Once you realize that “out there” is just an illusion, you may question all of your belief systems up until now about the constructs of our society at all.

So awakening beings usually go through a “hermit” stage, where they spend large amounts of time alone–contemplating, meditating, writing, bawling, throwing shit–as the old belief systems and assumptions about life and oneself surface to be re-examined.  That’s great; you need it.

Yet the reason you are awakening earlier than the masses, Trailblazer, is that you are here to help those around you wake up too.  They will start looking to you for answers because you are so calm, you value personal accountability, and you disperse love instead of discord wherever you go.

Your job is to get out there and set that example.

Let them see that your life isn’t affected by the negative shitstorm that the news wants you to think is reality.  Let them see that you can enjoy abundance, and peace, despite all that seems to happen “out there.”

Today is about remembering Who You Are, and that is a being of Light that chose to be here to guide others.  Remember that every person you see, meet, or email today is being affected by you. Who do you want to be?  Be that, always.

Earth Energy: Orange, Yellow.  Get out there and set an example of love, compassion and peace. Remember that reality is based on your perception of what you see. Numbers: 900 (It’s time to get spread your light), 999 (end of an era)



Layers of the Old Me who refused to evolve have just been peeled off to pull me WAY out of my comfort zone.  Accepting that others are valuable mirrors of myself, and avoiding people is also avoiding myself.



No more hermit life. We have things to do and people to assist. I noticed that with every massive shift, I manifest someone in pain on the street to test myself. “Will you help?” The first time I didn’t. The next 2 times I did, yaaaaaay!!



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