Energy Report – Top of the Roller Coaster – November 26, 2017

Humanity is about to start a wild ride.

The roller coaster car is just about finished its ascent to the top of the next big hill.

We’re peering down at the decline, and, WTF, instead of one track, we see a ton of them, each going in a different direction from where we are right now.

All of those tracks had always been there, but we weren’t so aware of them while in our asleep state.  Now that we can see them, we can choose which track we’ll take.  Here’s the catch:  you have no idea where that track leads.  You can only see a small portion of the track.  So choose a track that looks exciting, and trust that the Universe will make it a fun ride, even if you can’t see what’s coming.

You’re strapped in and perfectly safe.

Earth Energy: Yellow, Orange, Blue.  Know that you are safe with any choice you make. Numbers: 444 (All is well), 499 (You are safe)



Being asked to fully define myself as I’m on the brink of enormous change.  Not sure what I’m supposed to be letting go of, but whatever it is, when I let go, the light switch will flicker on and it’s showtime.



Feel like a floating head.  Like my cat.