Energy Report – Your Purpose is Popping Through- November 27, 2017

Pay Attention to the Cues.

I am hearing it from Awakened Trailblazers everywhere.  They’re being called.

You are a unique being with unique talents and character, and you are being asked to show them.  This is part of authenticity, which is so crucial in an awakened being, and one of the hardest things to adopt in our modern society.

This doesn’t require you to drop your job, your family, and live in a cave.  It requires you to be yourself, and to be open to cues from the Universe about how you could best serve.  You just BE yourself, and that is service.  You are spreading your high-frequency energy to everyone around you, whether they know it or not.

So today, listen to any cues you get.  Crazy ideas, synchronicities.  Get excited about them, and know that every time you are your authentic self, you are serving humanity.

Earth energy:  Black, White, Gray, Maroon.  Today, your purpose may try to pop through.  Listen to cues. Numbers: 444 (All is well), 555 (Big Change!)




This morning starts with a flurry of thoughts and repressed emotions. Look at them, release and tell them “bye bye” forever. Afternoon into evening should be calmer. Sit with your reflections and give gratitude for all the lessons and growth. Remember no one gets out of here alive so enjoy the ride.



Finally understood what’s being let go of.  My old life.  The one in which I defined myself by what has happened to me.  Buh-bye!



Balanced and happy to be alive.  I feel so grateful for all the blessing and connection that I feel with all my loved ones, trees, sky and mountains.



Stable! There’s a pleasant flow where it’s not too forceful but productive nonetheless.